WAAGE Surveying, Inc.
3657 North Katmai
Mesa Arizona  85215            480-830-9443 phone/fax          480-570-8056 cell
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Waage Surveying, Inc.
 is committed to providing you with the highest quality surveying, civil engineering and aerial mapping services. We approach every project with a focus on quality, accuracy and delivery. We typically have short lead times and can usually get started on your project very quickly.  Also, your project will only be worked on by a Registrant.  We only dispatch Registered Land Surveyors to do ALL your field work and ONLY a Professional Civil engineer wil work on your engineering plans.  Many firms have non-registrants, laborers or "techs" doing all your work.  Come to us and get the PROFESSIONALS to do all your work, not  unqualified laborers.

Service Area:
Our service is all of central Arizona.  We are based in Maricopa County and frequently work in Pinal and Yavapai Counties. On occasion we will travel further for large mapping projects and large surveys,

  • Commercial ALTA/ACSM Surveys       
  • Topography Surveys                               
  • FEMA Elevation Certificate                    
  • Minor Land Divisions                             
  • Boundary / Property Surveys                                   
  • Construction Surveying and Layout                                  
  • Aerial Mapping                                        
  • Grading and Drainage plans               
  • Drainage reports                                    
  • Hydrology                                                 

Bid Requests:
To request a proposal for services send us an e-mail with your request as well as any site plans or specifications.  Please be sure to include the address of the property, the assessor parcel number - if you have it - and the name of the property owner too:
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